LB Movement About Us

LB Movement prides itself in bringing 'a better you' through a range of quality services and knowledgeable instruction in Pilates, Yoga, Biomechanics screening, Reformer Fitness, Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy Massage. We are based in Two locations.

Our Pilates Matwork is based at Function Fitness In Torrington and all our other services are based at our beautiful Quayside space in Bideford.

Pilates is suitable for all, rehabilitation and pain management for the injured or those recovering from surgery, to the more advanced and challenging series for the confident fitness enthusiast and elite athletes, where we will test you to your limit.

Reformer Fitness classes are specialist Machine classes taught in small groups of 6. Reformer classes can aid recovery from injury and rehabilitation or challenge you to your peak. Our reformer Fitness classes are a blend of many movement disciplines. We mould all of our skills as teachers to bring you a multidimensional fun class. For best results you need to attend a minimum of 10 reformer L1 classes before progressing to L2. If you want a cardio hit and new experience try our Cardio Jump classes!

We love movement! we improve your movement through education, so you can live full and active lives. Whether that is walking with friends, surfing, climbing or taking control of your pain so you can be the best you can be, we have the answers.

You only get one body, its time to take control and give your body a future.